organic dry dog food pork2
organic dry dog food pork

Free-Range Organic Pork – Best Diet Dog Food Australia


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Premium free-range organic Pork dry dog food

All those nutritious and luscious meat, eggs and other organic ingredients listed above plus:

  • contains offal from the same free-range pork
  • also contains free-range, grass fed beef tripe
  • once reconstituted contains only 5.02% fat



dry dog food

The ease of use and portion control with this dry dog food – as simple as 1, 2, 3

australian dog food

The foods bags are sold in freeze-dried form that you reconstitute as needed to provide your dog with fresh, raw food on


It is this easy to do:

1. Get the right quantity with the best diet dog food Australia

That amount is based on the age of your dog and its weight. Here is a link to the calculator.

We also recommend that when starting your dog on the Frontier Pets food that you gradually do this over the 1st week – start by adding 20% with their current food the 1st day and then add a further 20% each day until fully on the new food.

2. Just add hot water straight from the tap.

A guide for the amount to use is on each bag.

3. Leave 30 seconds before serving

This allows the freeze-dried food to absorb most of the water and soften. It is normal to still have water in the bowl and that provides a drink for your dog.

You may also find that your dog will take longer to eat their meal compared to the previous traditional food; due to the Frontier Pets food being more satisfying.

best diet dog food australia

Freeze Dry Dog Food Storage

No refrigeration is needed when left in its freeze-dried form. Just make sure the bag is sealed and stored on a shelf so that it maintains its long shelf life.

Dry Dog Food Various flavors and bag sizes

All orders are dispatched the day after receipt.

Measuring scoop and bag clips are not included in the food dog meal bags but are available for a reasonable $3.95 each and shipped to you with your order.

There is a range of Dog Meal Bags, Dog Meal Trial Packs and also Dog Food Treats to choose from.


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